Coflict Management

      This writer is currently employed as a Deputy Court Clerk with Milwaukee County.   Milwaukee County Criminal Division of the Clerk of Courts provides services to the First Judicial District Courts by making sure the courts are ran in a professional manner.   In the course of conducting business, various conflicts will arise.   In this paper, this writer will explain what conflicts are, the different types of conflict, and the different styles of management used to handle these conflicts.   My personal style of management will be shown according to the assessment tool that was taken from the Organizational Behavior 7th addition book.   The style contradicted by the assessment will be discussed along with the different styles of management within the Clerk of Courts, Criminal Division but how the style that is used may be more effective.  
      There are different types of conflict that will be dealt with in many different ways.   There is no one style that is better than the other.   Every agency has their own style and their own way in which they choose to maintain control within the agency and with their employees.   Everyone has their own unique style in how conflict will be dealt with.   Conflict is one issue that cannot be avoided.   Unfortunately, every agency has to deal with some type of conflict no matter how they try to avoid it.   In order for management to deal with any conflicts within there agency, they have to have the ability to empathize with all parties that are involved.   They also have to be able to come up with some type of resolution that will bring some relief to the situation.
      There are conflicts that occur within organizations whenever there is a difference of opinion between groups of people.   There are numerous things that people will have a disagreement about.   These things include but are not limited to policies and procedures, the direction the company is going, and distribution of rewards.   There are two different types of...