Codesser Case

  1. How has Codesser been able to financially succeed given the changing political environment in Chile since its creation?
                    I think the success of Codesser Model mainly based on the following aspects.
  1. Private sector participation in management
Since the early years of co-administering were unsuccessful, Codesser introduced a new management education system.   Schools report to a Regional Directory, made up of seven recognized farmers or industrial entrepreneurs.
The involvement of the private sector also offers a direct connection to the job market, and an effective medium to bring about organizational and productive innovations in the schools. The school management combines the expertise of professional managers and educators.
  2. Teachers hired as private sector employees
In 1994, between 60 and 70% of the personnel in some schools was comprised of people that were teaching under the old system where there was no control over them or demands made of them. However, new contracts were offered under the general labor code, and teachers are private sector employees. CODESSER has established a clear personnel policy, including selection and promotion criteria, teachers' salaries are about 50% above municipal schools, and there has been a consistent effort to update teacher’s training. Thus, this new contracts helped improving education quality.
  3. Introduce new educational programs
Codesser's educational programs aim at delivering a solid general knowledge in humanities and sciences, prepare students to perform in a family of occupations, to be problem solvers, and to continue learning.
The schools also emphasize personal growth and the development of responsibility, leadership, and personnel management. The effectiveness of the programs depends on the connection between the curriculum and the work opportunities available. The new educational programs are the main differences that diversify Codesser and...