Coal vs Natural Gas

Coal Benefits
There are many arguments for the use of Coal to power our countries energy needs. Perhaps the best and most widely used case for coal is its abundance.   Coal is the most abundant fossil fuel on the entire planet.   (   The United States itself has more coal reserves than any other nation in the world and accounts for over 25 percent of all of the coal in the world and coal is mined in over 50 percent of the states.   ( The United States has so much coal reserves that it exceeds the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia in coal. (   The plentiful supply of coal makes it a top candidate for electricity generation.   The abundance of coal helps ensure prices will stay low.   Its abundance also ensures a stable energy source with no real threat of drastic shortages in the “relative” short-run.   Currently the price of using coal for electric generation is cheaper than nuclear, natural gas, and oil. (   The major threat facing the low price stability of coal is regulations and taxes.   It takes intervention in order to allow many of the other energy sources to be able to compete with the abundance and price that coal offers.


In the United States, the coal industry provides 174,000 full time, permanent blue collar jobs and an estimated 100,000 plus indirect jobs. With numbers like this it is no wonder that the coal industry provides more jobs than any other energy source within the United States.   Coal helps power our generators that power manufacturing, retail, and homes. Coal provides about 49 percent of the electricity used in the United States and provides the world with 40 percent of its total...