Coach Moz Article

Article Review #2
This is an article written by our very own Coach Moz.   In this article after a brief introduction,   Coach describes some ideal characteristics of a soccer coach.   These characteristics can be used not only in soccer but can translate into any sport.   These characteristics can also benefit your athletes or students in their potential success in motor skills and motor learning.
Coaches must demand a certain relationship with their athletes or students.   A mutual respect will benefit both the coach as well as the student athlete.   A coach must remain professional and stay up to date in the current world of the sport.   That way the coach can translate new ideas to the athletes in different ways and keep them interested.   Organizational skills as well as communication are extremely important when relaying information and knowledge that you the coach has unto the athletes.   A coach must always be patient with the athletes process of learning as well as have a sense of humor to relate to their athletes.
Coach Moz also goes through multiple guidelines that I feel every coach should abide by in every sport.   Coaches must be ethical and follow their own code when regarding ethics.   It should be set for both coach and athlete.   Set a higher standard and be an example for your teams.   Meaning always dress properly, limit shouting and yelling, never disrespect an athlete as well as keeping cussing to a minimum.   Motivation and discrete criticism stuck out to me in these guidelines.   Being a strength and conditioning coach I find motivation to be a huge aspect of what I do.   If you the coach are fired up and enthusiastic it translates to the athletes.   I also feel that discrete criticism is a great way to go about making someone better, chastising a player in front of their peers only gives them a bitter attitude and can hurt their relationship with the team.
Overall I feel this is a very informational article that all coaches can benefit from.   It...