COOP MART is a tailor-made business concept for your coop. It is THE General Provisions Store for “no frills” basic daily needs and locally-produced items.  It is THE 
Retailer King in the community.  It aims to be known as the new town plaza, the gathering place for members.


We shall grow this business across the network.  We will create “A unified retail business among consumer coops operating as one integrated chain for efficiency, better prices and better services for members.  Our mission is to grow the integrated chain of Coop Mart in strategic locations that provide quality products and services at reasonable prices and operate within the cooperative’s value system, following uniform concepts and standard operating procedures in order to attract new members and encourage patronage of existing members.


Through Coop Mart, we offer an enterprise concept that will unify the fragmented businesses of the consumers’ coops into one integrated chain with joint purchasing and own local production for better quality goods and better prices.  We will provide your coop regular training and competence development towards efficiency, profitability and satisfaction of members’ needs and wants.

COOP MART offers proven store lay-out, standard ratios in terms of profitability, capital structure and cost structure.  Coop Mart has an Operations Manual, a Marketing Manual and a Training Manual which will serve as the management’s day-to-day guide / bible.  You will also be provided the standard software that automatically generate the financial reports  and the retail metric for analysis and decision-making.  It targets an ROI of not less than 20% and therefore bigger patronage of members.

Coop Mart provides:
Assistance in Site Selection
Design, Construction, and Technical Support
Operations Standards, Systems and Support
Manual for Operations, Marketing and Training
Marketing and Advertising Services