Cmi Level 5 Personal Development

Unit: 5001
Personal Development as a Manager and Leader
Assignment: One

For the Attention of: Marie Robinson
Date Submitted: 16/10/2015

Contents 2
Abstract 4
Introduction 5
Section One 7
Planning and Implementing a Personal Professional Development Plan 7
Self Development and the Importance of Continual Growth 7
Self Awareness and Identifying Current Skills 8
Identifying Development Opportunities 9
Personal Development Plan 10
Section Two 12
Personal Development Plan Resources 12
Supportive Resources Required for Personal Development 12
Developed Business Case 13
Section Three 14
Processes Required to Implement a Personal Development Plan 14
Section Four 15
Welfare Working Practices 15
Assessing Staff Welfare, Supporting Records and Managerial Actions When Dealing with Staff Welfare Issues 16
References 21
Bibliography 22
Appendix One 23
Swot Analysis 23
Appendix 2 24
Honey and Mumford Learning Questionnaire 24
Appendix 3 32
Personal Development Plan 32
Appendix 4 34
Business Case 34
Appendix 5 38
Risk Assessment Form 38
Appendix 6 42
Company SOP Form 42


This assignment demonstrates the importance of continual self development in the aims of achieving organisational objectives.
It identifies the importance of continual self growth and describes different methods of assessing you own current skills and abilities against specific organisational objectives. It also discusses the importance of identify development opportunities and ways of implanting those opportunities.
It includes my own personal development plan (PDP) and the ways in which I intend on implementing that plan.
It discusses the processes required to implement a PDP and explores the importance of a managerial role in maintaining staff welfare, how it can be assessed and what records can be kept to monitor the welfare of an organisations staff. It also identifies the importance of communication within an organisation....