Cmi 3005v1

Unit 3005V1 – Identifying development opportunities

Task 1
Write a short piece to describe the main principles involved in leading individuals and teams, and to demonstrate your understanding of the importance of these to the organisation. You may find it helpful to refer to someone who you consider to be a good leader of a team and explain the qualities they possess which makes them such a good example.

To lead a team or an individual you have to understand how they learn and what their capability is. There are various different types of learning styles to be accounted for, people learn differently so a principle to leading a team, or an individual, is to be able to adapt to that type of learning style. This is especially expected in a team because it is made up of various individuals that all learn differently, so the leader should be able to adapt to all of these learning styles. Another principle of leading individuals or teams is that you should recognise when someone needs more support with what they are doing. There are many triggers for this and a leader should be able to notice them and then offer them the support that is required.
The importance of these principles to the organisation is that the output work from a company should always be of a high standard, so if a leader notices someone struggling they can offer them the support and advice to keep the work at a high quality while still developing their knowledge and understanding. The leader noticing the different learning styles is important to the company because they are able to delegate the appropriate work to the right employees to get the work done at the highest possible standard in the shortest amount of time. For example if the project is a new development and you need someone who is keen to be involved in something new you would delegate this work to someone who has Pragmatist qualities. If you have a long running project you might want someone who has experience and will be able to...