Clubit Part 1

Club It
Mika Steinhauer
September 6, 2010
Dr. Oludotun Oni

Club It
Club It is an up and coming night club with the potential to be the number one nightclub in the area. It is owned and managed by Ruben Key and Lisa Tejada. They supported themselves as musician in college and graduated with Business Administration degrees. After spending so much time in nightclubs and understanding how they are operated and learning the business aspect from college, they decided to open Club It. This paper is going to be discussing what the mission statement for Club It is and who its primary clientele are, Club Its’ information resources, a strategy for competitive advantage, and the information that club it will need to pursue that strategy.
The mission statement is the main goal of an organization. Club its’ mission statement is to “offer live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit every person’s lifestyle. They seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT." (Rainer and Turban, 2008, Student Companion Site)   Although their mission is to provide entertainment and services to all people and life styles, Ruben and Lisa’s primary clientele is the Net generation.   This is primarily people who have grown up with information technology. They are hoping that they will be able to draw them to Club It by providing a place that is up to date and provides the technology that the Net generation will approve of and be able to use. An example would be by providing Wi-Fi, Wireless Fidelity, so that the clientele will be able access the internet on their cell phone, iPod or other technology that is permitted in the club.
Information resources are very important for a company to run smoothly and be productive. Club It is no different. They use hardware, software, networks, have procedures, and people. All of these resources help them to collect the data that they need to make the front of business, (the bar, the kitchen, the wait staff, and lower...