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I’m doing my analysis on a Machine Tooling Business plan. In this paper I will discuss the strengths I think the business has and the weaknesses the business plan might have. I will give detailed information regarding these two areas of my analysis. I will also discuss what I think the opportunities the Machine Tooling business might have and the threats that this new company might face in their process of starting up a successful business.
I selected Machine Tooling as my business plan because this is exactly the type of company I’m involved with at work. The company I work for runs parts through CNC machines and are constantly using and developing new types of tools to refine the machining process.
The business plan I am researching is based in Kansas City and is devoted to providing quality machine tooling to companies in their market. I think the company has some excellent advantages to becoming successful. Machine Tooling provides high quality products, advanced techniques, and excellent customer service to their customers abroad. Machine Tooling has been operating for twenty plus years and has increased profits every year since their inception. They provide full- service, close tolerance contract machining of machine and tooling components, production machining, and automation of production lines. The diverse equipment at the Machine Tooling plant allows the plant to run self sufficiently. The owners of Machine Tooling have worked in their field for several years and established many business contacts to help pick up major business accounts. Machine Tooling started in 1989 and by 1999 Machine Tooling generated over 1.5 million dollars in revenue, not bad for ten years in the business. (PaloAlto Software, 1996-2009).
Though this company has great strengths in the machine tooling demand, I did however find a couple of weaknesses. First of all Machine Tooling is asking for additional money for expansion purposes. I believe if Machine Tooling was such a...