Club It

Proposal for Club It upgrade
December 4, 2010
Koshy Joseph

Proposal for Club It upgrade

    Club IT’s variety of music choices meets every customers listening pleasures.   The music changes throughout the week giving the customers change, therefore keeping them interested and coming back.   The ambiance of the club is nice, clean, beautifully decorated and has plenty of room for the customers to mingle.   Club IT is on the right path to becoming the best night club in the city.   After spending the day at Club IT watching how the club is run from the beginning to the end of the day has helped me to understand the business better (Axia College, 2010).
    Club IT is a downtown music venue managed and owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. They both graduated with degrees in Business Administration in 2005 and decided to follow their dream of opening a nightclub.   During college, they supported themselves by working as musicians; Lisa played jazz violin and Ruben played drums. They learned a lot about nightclub operations from their music experiences, in addition to business principles learned from their studies.   Club IT’s customers are mostly Net Generation and Millennials. They regularly use mobile technologies such as Blackberries, PDAs, camera phones, and other wireless communication devices.   Online shopping is a regular part of their lives (Axia College, 2010).
    Lisa and Ruben would like to see the business earn more profits and possibly open a second Club IT, but in order to earn more profits they will need to spend money upgrading their systems first.   Currently Club IT does not have the technology needed to meet their clientele’s needs.   They realize they must first implement a transaction processing system (TPS) before they can expect to receive high-quality data from an MIS (management information system) (Kelly Rainer and Efraim Turban, 2008, p.34).   The purpose of information systems is to obtain the right information to the right...