Club It

The mission of Club IT is “to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT”. Rueben Keys and Lisa Tejada have created a website for the club in which potential customers can see the music offered, merchandise as well as general information regarding the club. The club offers different types of music and has created a multi person friendly environment with live entertainment, dancing and refreshments. With a modern theme and general layout of the facility Club IT offers seating, dancing and music for all genres.
With a 6000 square feet, including 600 square feet for the dancing floor. The building offers seating for over 200 people. It is truly a place where people can meet and interact with different cultures of music. Music ranges from local bands, world DJs, NYC bands, San Francisco bands, country, and alternative, and R&B, hip-hop, Latin, techno, electronica, Jazz, and folk. Another benefit offered is that of the refreshments, with appetizers and beverages being offered to the patrons of the club. The food choices are limited but satisfying and the beverage choices are mixed with alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.
This website allows for the consumers and employees to easily access upcoming events and information. The club website offers information for the employees in which employees can view their personal profiles which include their hours, year to date information including their wages, bonuses, vacation time, sick leave, banking information and basic contact information. Along with their personal information the employee portal also offers form for the employees such as accident, payroll, and for bus pass information. The employee manuals, health and safety information and emergency procedures are included as well. Employee access also supplies the information regarding ordering, sales and budget for the business. One thing they could benefit from would be to offer access to ticket sales to the concerts online. The company’s website allows...