Club It

Club IT is high energy night club owned and operated by Ruben Keyes and Lisa Tejada. Although the 6000 foot club has been recently remodeled, their are several issues that could improve the clubs basic operations.   I have identified three key elements that I suggest Ruben and Lisa consider changing. This includes updating the clubs hardware, enhancement of their website, and
According to Ruben and Lisa, Club IT office equipment has not been updated in at least three years and is still running on a dial up internet line. Technology is constantly changing and in three years your computer systems are old and outdated. The computer equipment is the most important part because without this running effectively and at maximum speed, adding other programs and software options to the IT system may not be supported. Ruben and Lisa should consider upgrading their hardware to an Intel Pentium Dual Core processer with touch screen color displays. The club also needs DSL internet with wireless capability. By adding wireless technology to the club it will benefit the efficiency of the clubs transactions and add another benefit to their customers who are constantly on their computers, blackberries, and other internet savvy devices. Once the clubs hardware has been updates it will be easier to support ERP, CRM, and SCM programs that will benefit the clubs operations.
My second recommendation is for Club IT website to offer more information to attract potential new clientele. The enhancement of the website should be user friendly and easily surf able by customers and employees.