Club It, Pt

Running header:   CLUB IT, PART II

Club IT, Part II
Laura D. Booker
December 11, 2010
Professor Paul Withey

Club IT, Part II
Club IT is a newly remodeled club that offers its clients a venue where they are entertained with live music, dancing, and a light-fare menu.   In an effort to stay competitive, Club IT hired an intern to analyze the club’s data management, information technology, and decision-making capabilities.   The result of this analyzes yielded several problematic areas.   For example, customers cannot purchase event tickets or merchandise either in person or via telephone. The club did not have the means to order supplies, nor did they have mechanisms in place to track items that sold and those that did not sell.   The club does not have a system in place that sufficiently stores information, thereby, making information retrieval, and sharing inaccessible to employees.
Club IT Resources
Despite the numerous improvements to the club’s interior, Club IT did not upgrade its information systems.   The only tangible technology Club IT has is the internet. The role of the Internet is not being used as a resource for business management or customer relations.
Recommended Solutions
In an effort to resolves some of the club’s deficiencies in information technology, the club should invest in several software modules (e.g., Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Customer Relations Management (CRM). These software modules will integrate how Club IT responds to increasing business needs, thus, making the club responses more effective and efficient.
However, it would not be feasible for Club IT to purchase these software modules independently because of the cost.   As a small business, it would be in the club’s best interest to invest in an online organization that specializes in integrated business managements system.   For example, is an online organization that acts as a hub for businesses to...