Club It Part !

Lisa and Ruben made their dream come true of opening a nightclub.   They have worked their way up by earning money as musicians to open Club IT.   While working as musicians they learned about various aspects of the nightclub business.   Lisa’s and Ruben’s mission for Club IT is to have live music with DJ’s, dance space, and refreshments, along with a community that meets regularly (About Club IT, 2009).   The community being targeted is for people who enjoy the live music and DJ’s they have to offer.
Lisa and Ruben are extremely pleased with their accomplishments of Club IT, however, they still want to find a way to make more profits.   Club IT has gone through an extensive remodeling in order to gain more patrons, which has paid off quite well.   Even though the remodeling brought in more customers, use of information technology resources can help all improve all aspects of the business.   This data and information can then be used as knowledge to better serve the business, customers, and employees.
The first step in accomplishing their mission is in finding a community that meets regularly at Club IT.   In order to do this people need to find out what is going on at the club.   There is a very basic website about Club IT that shows information about the club, the owners, music, food and beverages, merchandise, staff, and layout of the club.   To find this community Lisa and Ruben can send information via internet to local colleges, music stores, and music groups to tell about Club IT.   They can even have flyers printed on the computer to hang on windows of local businesses.   Once this community is found, Lisa and Ruben should ask them which live bands and DJ’s they would like to see and what type of foods they would like to have.   They can also find out which refreshments are the most preferred and new beverages customers would like to have.
On the website there should also be directions on how to get to Club IT.   The schedule should be more detailed by showing who is...