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Information Systems 1

Information Systems and Software Applications

BIS 219 Business Information Systems

Information Systems 2
    Organizations in today‚Äôs environment use many different types of information systems.   By using information systems an organization can collect, analyze, process, and store information for specific purposes (Rainer & Turban, 2008).   There are management information systems, enterprise resource systems, and expert systems; these are some of the information systems that are commonly used.   The management information system will generate reports from transaction data.   An enterprise resource planning system brings together all of the functions areas of an organization.   An expert system will take decisions in a specific area like a human would offer to do.   Organizations use information systems in all functional areas of the business.   Information systems and software application let an organization to be efficient and accurate.   They also allow the employees to complete their work with extraordinary accuracy.   The research paper will show you the information systems, and software applications that organizations use.   The following functions that will be covered are production, sales, and management.
    In an organizational production department you will find the use of the IT systems.   An activity-based costing system is used.   The activity-based budget is used to keep track of the budget that is used to sell and produce products and services (Activity-based Costing, 2006).   An organizations management team can use this system to reduce time in one place to help out in another.   This system is an alternate system to standard costing, and this is prepared in head of production.

Information Systems 3
    An organizational sales department uses software applications and information systems for efficient inventory control system.   By using the inventory control system it is possible for an organization to...