Club It Part 2

Club IT, Part 2

              Club is a Nightclub owned and ran by Lisa and Ruben. After completing much needed remodeling they started to notice they did not have the advertisement they were striving for so they hired me to help them get on track and turn their business into an Internet savvy booming nightclub.

Club IT’s regular clienteles are net generations says Ruben, with that said organizing a great website is the first step to better business.
Ruben and Lisa both worked in nightclubs and bars through college so they knew this was there career choice. They got a general understanding of how they were run and the fundamentals of running a great nightclub people wan to hang out at.

Since already stated that majority of the costumers were of the net generation you can bank on the fact that a lot of customers are going to want web based information and products. So updating their dial up internet to a much faster high speed internet would be the first suggestion just with the information we already know.
Information’s Management system is the second problem area. Lisa and Ruben need to hire one person or a team of qualified people to take care of all the management issues that may come along so Lisa and Ruben can focus on becoming a better business for there community.
          Club IT can currently use some help with online advertisement to help get the name out. We can try by building them a user friendly website that offers ticket purchasing, event calendars, promotions and many more great options.
As billboard advertisement may also be an option to help guide new comers to             Club IT. The Internet has endless opportunities for this business. Hiring an IT specialist can help runt the website and assist with updated and upgrades. Updating the website every so often is a good way to let your customers know that your focused on them and up in coming events.
Starting off with the state of the art website is going to increase there...