Club It Part 2

CLUB IT part 2
Herman LeDerp
April 24, 2011

CLUB IT part 2
The owners, Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys, have just completed extensive remodeling to the interior of their Club IT that included the clubs tall ceilings and lighting to create an exciting atmosphere for their customers to enjoy. Both owners are pleased with how Club IT is doing and they want to see the club to profit enough to one day open another club (About Club IT, 2009). In order for the club to monitor revenue, they must have an information system that uses their resources, data, and information. They have decided to improve their information management capabilities. This research paper will define three problems with Club IT resources, customers, and supply chain while providing three solutions. The three solutions Lisa and Ruben should consider using are supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM).
Club IT Resources, Customers, and Supply Chain
Even with the extensive remodeling to create an ambience of fun and energetic club for the community to gather at, the clubs information system has a need for improvement. This improvement will help the club better manage their assets, members and employees information, and future club projections. Some areas already show some sort of promise, although a few areas of the club such as customer relations management still need more improvement to help better produce revenue for the club and excitement for the club members.
Club IT website lists items that customers will be able to buy at the club such as glass mugs, shot glasses, caps, and t-shirts. Dining menus are available on the website along with the club’s calendar. Advanced ticket purchases are available for the Friday and Saturday night concerts; however, they may only be acquired in person or by phone (Wiley Higher Education, 2006). The website states that members receive a 10% discount on purchases.
Club IT customers are...