Club It Part 2

Club IT part ii |
Club IT Part II |
XBIS/219 |
Richard Christiansen |
3/8/2011 |


The lack of updated technology could just be what is stopping Club IT from becoming the hottest night club in town. Every area that the club deals with depends on having information dealt to them in the quickest manner. Whether it is the inventory from the chef’s kitchen, or it is the Coors Light running out at the bar. If the club had the correct software in place, it could either alert the staff to place an order or the program could even place the order itself. Today’s fast paced world depends on immediate attention, if that cannot be provided by your company you have to remember that some other company is willing to provide it.
The first area that would need to be addressed is the type of internet service and software that is in place at the moment. The use of dial up is not only time consuming, but in a situation as this when we are attempting to research better ways of doing things and reaching out to people, it is a huge money sponge with lost data and interrupted downloads. With the correct software in place customers would be able to research specific events, diners, or make reservations/purchase tickets on line or even from their hand held devices and not be inconvenienced with a phone call.
Te three most beneficial systems that Club IT should utilize to help get to that updated status would be: Functional Area Information Systems Reports, or FAIS, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, or ERP, and Customer Relationship Management, or CRP. Utilizing these three systems will not only bring the club up out of the ice ages with outdated electronic systems, but will bring them to a closer, faster paced business partnership with its potential customer base and its vendors.
The Functional Area Systems Reports will provide and maintain routine reports such as sales quotas, employee time sheets, inventory stock etc. The reports will all be ready at all...