Club It Part 1

Club IT Part 1
David Swensen
University of Phoenix
Business Information Systems
Dr. Bruce D. Swanson
May 23, 2011

Club IT Part 1
      Club IT is a downtown music venue owned and managed by Rubin Keys and Lisa Tejada. Rubin and Lisa have recently hired and intern to develop a competitive strategy with their information technology systems that will help the nightclub gain a competitive advantage. The intern will present a competitive strategy that will be an operational effectiveness strategy. This strategy will focus on software applications that meet the specific needs of a nightclub. Rubin and Lisa will need to invest in hardware. Club IT is in need of accounting software and other office automation systems. The new strategy will include business intelligence systems that apply to marketing. The intern will also suggest an online training program in customer service for employees. The new IT solutions will help Lisa and Rubin with data management and decision- making capabilities (Rainer & Turban, 2008).
      The first step is to invest in the hardware. The intern will provide recommendations on desk top and server equipment that is capable of running the recommended software. Rubin and Lisa will also need smart phones that provide access to the business systems when they are not at the nightclub. Popular software for small business is Quick Books. Quick Books is able to keep track of point of sale transactions, payroll and payments due. By entering data on a daily basis, Lisa and Rubin are able to generate a balance sheet, an income statement and a statement of cash flow. The financial information provided by the software is valuable for tax information and helps Lisa and Rubin with strategic decision making. Microsoft office outlook can be utilized for internal communication. With access to a desktop computer, employees are able to pass on important information about needed supplies or employee issues. Outlook offers management a...