Club It Part 1

Club IT

Club IT is a breand new club is a new club that is going to be opening soon. The owners are looking to get a real good feel about where there company is going to be when it is operational. They will need to know several different aspects and find out what there customer demographic will be as well as to make it all functional and effective.
After spending an evening in the club with friends just trying to get a feel of what the club is and what it could be. Listinig to the music and watching the people will give me a real good feel of what the club is suppose to be. The information I am gathering will help the owner identify what tools they will need to effectivly run there business and marketing ads. IT took me a little while to come up with the information that I will present to the owners on Monday to help them realize there companys potential. I had to first make a plan for them to get organized into a well oiled functioning machine. First they have to have the software to put all the information into and be able to analyze it. I will offer them different technologies that are available to them that will help them in daily operations. The anticipated target area for there club should be no more than about a 30 mile radius from them, with there target age demographing being from 21 to about 40 so it gives them a very large group of people to market for.
Having been this this town quite often before I had determined with the new construction around them and the low crime rate for the area, this area was absolutley on the rise and the club and the software had better have room to expand. Club IT will likely be a place where a lot of common friends go and are regular customers and the average length of staying time. The uniqe layout of the club will allow for a large number of specialty uses for a lot of different types of acts to come in the club must have the software as well as hardware to make it happen. From projecters and screens to...