Club It Part 1

Club IT - Part One
Club IT is a new and happening nighttime hotspot that has just completed extensive renovations.   Although the new interior of the club makes an entertaining environment, the owners think that the club’s information management system could still use an upgrade.   Club IT’s owners Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys have hired an intern to analyze the club’s current information technology resources and recommend changes.
Club IT’s mission is “We, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJ’s, dance space, and refreshments that suit your lifestyle.   You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT” (Wiley, 2007, p. about Club IT).   The featured music focuses on hip-hop, techno, electronica and live music that varies in genre from month to month.   The targeted clientele is twenty-something’s that like to party and dance.   Club IT’s interior has about 6000 square feet that includes a 600 square foot dance floor, seating for 220, a short order kitchen, and a bar with four pour stations.   Club IT also sells its branded merchandise that includes t-shirts, baseball caps, shot glasses, and glass mugs.   Club members receive a 10% discount off all merchandise.
Club IT’s information resources include their website, an employee intranet, business computers for maintaining inventory and business records, in-house network that ties all of the order stations to the main server, and the DJ booth with MP3 capability.   Club IT’s information technology (IT) department maintains all of the equipment and network capabilities.   The IT department manages and provides technical support for all of Club IT’s electronics and computer systems.
At Club IT, the product is not just the food and drink that we provide but the way we provide it.   Customer service is the most important function of the club once the people walk through the front door.   As stated in the club mission statement, the owners want to “build a community that meets regularly at...