Club It Part 1

The main goal for Club IT would be to attract many different people with different backgrounds and lifestyles. This would be essential to gain clients for the club. Club IT will offer music, open dance, live entertainment, and refreshments. A variety of music will be offered everyday. The music will change everyday and will change based on genre. There could be rap music on Friday and Oldies on Tuesday. This will allow Club It to cater to many different ages.
    Constructing a weekly schedule of entertainment will make Club It consistent with the flow of customers. Club It’s website uses two programs. These programs store customer information and employee information. This information being stored in the same place helps keeps the information organized and this helps Club It run efficiently. The programs used are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Transaction Processing Systems (TPS). Club It’s customers are able to log on and view information about the club. The information would include scheduled events, and purchasing memorabilia. Employees of Club It may view employee handbooks, and view supply orders for the Club.
    Club It intentions were to design a website to interact with many different people and manage the Club’s accounts. Club It can improve the website by adding a form for customer can fill out to get updates on events and special offers. This would also allow customers to give feedback on what could be done to improve the services or the club or make requests making these specific changes would allow customers to feel more involved with Club It. Also allowing customers to be involved will have the customers willing to come back as well as spend a good word on to others to join. As Club It continues to grow special offers could be made to “members only” or those who have signed up and those who have signed up and these specific customers would receive special offers and discounts.
    Club It has potential to become the largest...