Club It Part 1

Club IT is a downtown nightclub that is owned by two Business graduates, Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys. Both Lisa and Ruben always have had a passion for music. They performed as musicians to help support themselves during their college years. With this experience, they gained a vast knowledge and familiarize themselves about the nightclub operations.
At Club IT, its mission is to, “offer you live music, DJs, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT,” (Wiley 2005). The main clientele at this nightclub would be those of legal age that are looking for an enjoyable time or to hang out.
The owners of this club have both done major remodeling of the club’s interior which brings fun and energy to atmosphere. However, during this process, they neglected the club’s information management system. As a result, they decided to hire me as an intern to assist with the information analysis. To obtain a better idea and experience of the environment and clients, I decided to spend an evening at the club.
I learnt that one of Club IT’s information resources is its intranet. Here, employees’ information is accessible as well as some customers’ information. To gain access to this intranet, employees need to login using a username and password.
As this nightclub relies mainly on its customers, I believed that Club IT should pursue the customer orientation strategy. Each customer wants to be treated special and respectfully especially in such environment. Without developing any knowledge about the clients’ likes or preferences, then the club will not be able to provide a satisfying service. Customer orientation states that the more I
can learn about the customers’ needs and preferences, and then I can make a better determination for the club’s analysis. This may also boost the business for the club as well as its reputation.
Because customers’ preferences and tastes...