Club It Is Doc.

Club IT Part Three
Laido Romero
University of Phoenix Online
    In this paper, we will discuss the Club IT; the customers that visit often and how to increase that clientele.   We will examine the short and long-term goals and the information systems that can aid Club IT in ways that meet those businesses goals. This includes a development strategy to guarantee that the staff of Club IT receives the training necessary to take every advantage of the new systems they chose.   An examination of the telecommunications services, hardware and software that will be necessary to meet Club IT goals. The need to assess the funds available to implement the systems and the training required to operate them will be determined. We will anticipate the clubs needs concerning meeting the goals of the business. Also provided is a list of the current hardware, software and telecommunications systems in use at the Club IT.
Description of Business and Clientele
    The Club IT owned and operated by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada, both worked nightclubs in college as musicians. The knowledge they gleaned from that experience, and the degrees in Business Administration that both earned has given them insights in the nightclub industry that has proved valuable. The staff consists of one assistant manager, four bartenders, six wait staff, two stewards, two short-order cooks and four security personnel; all are high energy, congenial, and hardworking. Included are a DJ Tuesdays through Thursdays, with live music on Fridays and Saturdays.
    The clientele that Club IT attracts are generally young, active, and professional. Their customers are comfortable using mobile devices like PDAs, Blackberries, camera phones, and are active online shoppers. All these factors contribute to the Club IT being a high-energy, high- impact destination for affluent young professionals.
Goals and Strategy
          The short-term goals of Club IT are to get useful and timely numbers on...