Club 5

My expectations don’t even matter in the event of my favorite restaurant in my area. But I’ll support it as long as it is my only method of eating a daily meal. In Leatherneck, Afghanistan there aren’t many choices to choose from when it comes to eating. We have a small selection of Dining Facility (DFAC) 1-5.
They all serve 4 meals a day; 0500 to 0830, 1130 to 1400, 1700 to 2030, and 2330 to 0100, outside of these times you can eat awesome cold foods like sandwiches and cereal.   Each meal is always cram packed with people hundreds of people where you can enjoy close company and bubble popping activity. The best DFAC to go to is DFAC 5 aka Club 5. When you walk in you must clear your weapon and wash your hands, to prevent malaria, while being greeted by a local national that doesn’t understand half the words you are saying. Music plays at a perfect volume in the background just enough to cover up the sound of hundreds of people talking in low tones as to not be heard by anybody else. You must present an ID to get in because this place is so good! And not to mention sign your name to receive your tray.
You get in one of the long lines giving you the perfect time to finish up your conversation with your buddy before you have to tell the server what your food selection will be. After you get to the serving counter you usually have selection of main meal consisting of a meat, starch, a couple choices of veggies, and some type of bread. The alternates rotate between taco bar, potato bar, wing bar, Mongolian bar, stir fry bar, seafood bar, Mexican bar, and my favorite Indian bar. They have the best curie one could ask for in the whole country of Afghanistan and the Dal is amzing!   After selecting your food you have a grand total of 2 places you can eat with about 100 tables in each. You and your buddy usually can find a table to share with somebody else to start the “over the meal” conversation. Before sitting down you can get a drink with a wide selection of...