* Divided house
  * Lambs Vs Pickles
Fish – Physical and spiritual
  * Story told by spiritual Fish
  * Magic realism
  * Half in/half out
  * Fish, as the novels narrator, serves as the essence of spirituality.
  * The bulk of the narrative Fish is referred to as ‘you’ or ‘Fish’ and on page 424 the final moment it is ‘Me’.
Fish is a peculiar character in Cloudstreet as he is separated into two parts when he drowns and is brought back to life – the spiritual Fish and the Physical Fish. It is through the spiritual Fish that enables the reader to see what is happening to all the characters and what their thoughts and feelings are. Although, he does try to be one, himself, but cannot. “Soon,’ll be yourself...and we’ll be us; you and me. Soon.”
Fish and River - Extremely symbolic as the River is where Fish is half left and he always longs the river, Fish is incomplete until his connection again with the river at the end of the book.   Even the name Fish runs in conjunction with the river.
Human Relationships
Rose and Quick – shows there can be hope in any relationship
  * Quick and Rose find their love on the river
  * Families start off on wrong foot. Only until married do their families unite as they are blood
  * Birth of ‘Wax’ Harry who is symbolic of the future generation that Pickles and Lambs are brought together like ‘wax’
  * Final decision to all stay in Cloudstreet and celebration at the river is only scene where both families are at peace and are happy
“they’re all down by the river, laughing like themselves from another time...the Lambs and Pickles.”
  * Symbolically the fence dividing the house is brought down

Themes – overall theme is RECONCILLIATION
The River
  * Symbol of love, life, family, determination, spirituality
  * Starts and finishes at the river with Fish first drowning and coming back to him finally dying and ending what he had started
  * Once Fish is finally reunited, he...