Close Relationships Sometimes Mask

Poor Communication

After reading the above article, I felt as though when the wife said to her husband “It’s getting hot in here” I thought she was letting him know that she wanted to be intimate with her husband. I know that if I were married and wanted to say this to my husband, he definitely would have started taken his clothes off.   In the article, Professor Boaz Keysar said “People commonly believe that they communicate better with close friends than with strangers” (Keysar 2011), I find this to be true. There are some things that I would tell my friends before I tell a complete stranger. Although the person maybe an outsider looking in, I feel that by me bringing out my personal thoughts and emotions my friend will have a better observation and some much needed advice rather than someone who does not know me or the situation that I was going through at the time.
I have had several altercations where communication was a very big problem. There was an incident where my boyfriend and I had a failure to communicate episode. It was July 6th (my birthday) I told my boyfriend that I was going to the store and would be back soon. One thing that my boyfriend knows is, when I go to the store for example Wal-Mart, I will stay merely four or more hours which only depends on if I see they have sales on things that I may need or can use around the house.
When I arrived home from the store my boyfriend he was very upset and began to ask a series of questions. It does not take you four hours to pick up a few items, where were you? Why did you not pick up your phone when I called you? Did you meet someone while you were parading in the store you claimed you were going too? Are you cheating on me? I could see the vein visibly pop out the middle of his forehead. All I could do was laugh. Laughing was not making the vein go away. The more I laughed the more redder he became and the more questions he asked. I immediately became serious and try to answer...