Do you want a twin that is cloned from you? Do you think it is necessary? Or do you think it is unethical and should be banned? I strongly believe that cloning is a new technology that is necessary for our world. I have various reasons for this: it is necessary for the treatment of some illnesses such as leukemia and it provides our children better lives. Some people claim that cloning causes some disadvantages, but I think they are really making a mistake.

First of all, even in our time, we still have some illnesses that have no cure or treatment or that have long and painful treatments that are applied with difficulty. We can give leukemia as an example. In the treatment of leukemia, you have to find a person whose tissues match those of the person suffering from leukemia, and the probability is very low, unless they are identical twins. If we use the cloning technology in these cases, we can find a solution to these kinds of diseases easily. Therefore, I think if it has such advantages why shouldn’t it be used?

Secondly, if we use this technology in the birth of children, we not only decrease the risks of cancer, stroke and dementia, but also increase the cognitive potential and talents of children, as Lee Silver mentioned in his article. I want to say that the quality of new generation will increase, so better lives are waiting for us at least for our children, after we improve and start cloning.

Finally, some scientists believe that cloning has many disadvantages. For example, cloned ones get older faster, and live shorter. On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget that it is a very very new technology and it needs some time to be improved. I believe that after a while and after worked on seriously, it will really provide us the advantages that I mentioned before, so I think at this moment, all we can do is to wait and see what our scientists can do.

To sum up, in my opinion, cloning will really help us, maybe not today, but definitely tomorrow....