Clinic Database

Chapter 1

      1.1 Introduction

Money can’t buy health.   So people take care of themselves and always go through a daily, weekly, or monthly check up.   But still, tend to get sick from time to time, and they often go to the clinic to get a health check up.   All of the people have gone through the hospitals or clinics to get examine, daily check up, buying maintenance drugs, and any other things concerning medical treatments.   For each and every patient that has consulted the clinic, every detail of each treatment, drugs bought, and checkups they have gone through are recorded.

The problem is that records piles up and it’s getting harder to find a specific file or record of a certain patient. Sorting and arranging large files takes too much time and effort, and there is also the possibility of losing such important file or record.

The proposal provides storage in which all the database, records, and files are all sorted together and has a search panel feature to easily find a specific file. It also prevents loss of files or records.

      1.2 Objective of the Study

General Objective

The main objective of the study is to develop a database that will input all file and records of the patients that has gone through the clinic.

Specific Objectives

Specifically, it attempts to satisfy the following objectives:

  a. To design a database software application program that is suitable to the end-user and inputs all files and inputs all files and records of the clients or customers.

  b. To construct   a database software application program using Microsoft Visual C#, and MySQL.

  c. To evaluate the acceptability of the program based on the ISO/25010; 2011.

      1.3 Scope and Limitations

The study is limited to the development of the database software application program that can easily store, input files, and search a specific record of files. The program will run at least under windows 98...