Impacts of climate change in the UK

Scientists around the globe are looking at all the evidence around climate change and using supercomputer models to come up with predictions for our future environment and weather. (BBC Weather Centre.2009)
The effects of climate change can be seen in the UK as well as around the world. UK temperatures have already risen. Climate change has affected many aspects of our lives in the UK, our environment, business and public services. (BBC Weather Centre.2009)
We can already see and feel that the average temperatures in the UK will rise.The summer temperatures have become hotter and frequent and very cold winters have become increasingly rare.   ‘Britain's great climate change divide: Winters in the North are becoming warmer - while in the South it's summers that are getting hotter’ (Emma Innes.2013)
Temperatures in the UK have risen by about one degree since the 1970s and, given the levels of greenhouse gas already in the atmosphere, further warming is inevitable over the next three decades or so. The amount of warming will depend on future emissions but even if emissions are cut quickly and sharply to avoid dangerous levels of climate change, there will be some unavoidable impacts that the UK will have to adapt to. (Duncan Clark & Grantham Research Institute.2013).
UK could experience warmer, drier summers in the future. While that may bring some benefits, it could mean increased risk of drought, and extreme events such as the 2003 heatwave could be the norm by the end of this century. Heatwaves could also heighten pressure on healthcare services, because older populations are more vulnerable to extreme heat, and impact on transport, as higher summer temperatures bring the threat of rail buckling and associated travel delays. (Duncan Clark & Grantham Research Institute.2013).
Water Supply & Security
The UK could also face threats to its water security and supply. Declining summer river flows,...