From the article “The Climate for Change” by Al Gore, his purpose is to make readers aware of a problem and to call for a change solution.   His claim is to invest in new technology in America by implementing the five part plan and following that to produce one hundred percent of energy from carbon-free sources within ten years (paragraph 12). While his article may less successful in proving that his plan is the best approach, and lacks necessary counter-evidence, Gore offers Americans adequate proof that we needed to solve the climate crisis by his “five part plan”.
Al Gore’s claim seems to apply not only to scientists and public, but also policy-makers, “young American” (paragraph 21). In fact, he offers specific recommendations to “the new president” and “new Congress” should “offer large-scale investment in incentives for the construction of concentrated solar thermal plants...could produce large amounts of electricity” (paragraph 13). He proposed his five-part plan to clearly define the action he wants readers to take: concentrate “solar thermal plants”, “wind farms” (paragraph13); unify “national smart grid for the transport of renewable electricity” (paragraph 14); help “America's automobile industry” (paragraph 15); “retrofit buildings with better insulation and energy efficient” (paragraph16); “putting a price on carbon” (paragraph 17). He indicates that “our dependence has doubled from one-third to nearly two-thirds” (paragraph 8). Also, he states that “at the time, the United States imported less than a third of its oil from foreign countries” (paragraph 8). Here the author could acknowledge possible exceptions, given that President Richard Nixon already was doing what he asks.
The primary reason Al Gore offers in support of his claim is global climate crisis leading to pollution, especially carbon dioxide- have been increasing rapidly with the growth in the burning of coal (paragraph 10), oil, natural gas and forest (paragraph 17), and temperatures...