Client Side

  1. To make a class marshal-by-reference type, the class must inherit ________________________________.
  2. To make a class marshal-by-vale use   ________________________________attribute.
  3. You need to add a reference to ________________________________assembly to use IPC and TCP channels.
  4. Write code to create IPC channel
      a.   At server side :

      b. At client side :

  5. Write code to register a class for client activation
      c.   At server side :

      d. At client side :

  6. Server activation is also known as   ________________________________
  7. Client activation is also known as   _________________________________
  8. The .net framework provides three channels that you can use for communication b/w a remoting client and server
      e. __________________________________
      f. __________________________________
      g. __________________________________
  9. ______________________________________formatter converts an object to a bit stream for transmission over the channel.
  10. When using _______________________the server creates a new instance of the remote object for each client method call and marks the object for garbage collection , when the call is complete.
  11. ___________________________________formatter is used for tight coupling whereas ______________________________________formatter is used for loose coupling.
  12. For TCP channel the default formatter is ______________________________whereas for HTTP channel the default formatter is _______________________________________.
  13. Write _____________________________.Configure(“______________________________”) to load   remoting configurations settings in client , if the client application is named “Client1”
  14. ____________________________________feature helps you to design classes that can be serialized even though the client and server have different versions.
  15. To remove a field in a new version of...