Q: Compare and contrast the ways in which the passage below attempts to discredit Antony with the ways this is done in the speech attributed to Octavian by Cassisus Dio (in reading 1.1 of Book 1, Chapter 1).

The main similarity in both passages is the way that Antony is cast in an effeminate light. No longer a noble Roman man but a man who has embraced an alien and indulgent way of life and is under the spell of Cleopatra.   However, the way in which the two passages get this point across is very different.
In the speech attributed to Octavian by Cassius Dio it appears that it is a great loss and is very sad about what has become of Antony. 'Who would not weep when he sees and hears what Antony has become?' (Scott-Kilvert, 1987, in Reputations, 2008, p. 27).
The tone of the speech is one of loss and justification of why the attack on Antony and Cleopatra must go ahead. It is clear from the speech that Cleopatra is to blame for what has become of Antony. ' He is either blind to reason or mad, for I have heard and can believe that he is bewitched by that accursed woman.' (Scott-Kilvert, 1987, in Reputations, 2008, p. 27).
Whereas in the passage from the assignment booklet it seems to be more about Octavian getting what he wants from Antony's involvement with Cleopatra. This passage makes Octavian appear cunning and sly by saying that Octavian marked passages in Antony's will that would best serve to discredit Antony in front of the Senate. The whole tone of this passage differs from the speech, it makes it look like Octavian is picking out certain facts and using them out of context to try and sway the Senates view of Antony by being dishonest.
In conclusion, I feel that the speech from Reading 1.1 is a speech of loss. It feels more personal and passionate about how the Romans are feeling about the loss of Antony rather than just stating facts. They are discrediting Antony by acknowledging what he has become from his relationship with the...