In the 1963 film ‘Cleopatra’, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar’s relationship is portrayed as a very politically driven one. Although, there was genuine romance in the film as shown by Julius Caesar who was always very impressed with the way Cleopatra presented herself and how strategically intelligent she was, it was rather challenging to work out whether there was actual attraction on Cleopatra’s side or whether she was using Caesar in order to keep Egypt’s independence whilst maintaining an alliance with Rome.
The billboard poster (of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation) shows Cleopatra in the middle of both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. In this poster we can see Cleopatra portraying a very dominant character. Her body language seems to give off the vibe that she is the one in-charge as she is sitting very upright holding two, almost dagger looking objects. This shows almost as if she has lured both Caesar and Antony in, in order to get what she wants the most, which is to rule Egypt. The fact that Caesar standing in the poster is looking very lovingly towards Cleopatra shows a sense of attraction on his side, he has his hands cupped together one over the other almost as if he is her servant. This, furthermore, relates to my first point where there may well have been more attraction on Caesar’s side than on Cleopatra’s as she always had her dream in mind.
‘Make his dream yours Caesar’, is a line said by Cleopatra to Caesar in the 1963 film Cleopatra, she is a very politically motivated woman who looks as if she will do anything to get what she desires. The look in her eyes when she says this is that of a very determined woman. Caesar looks at her in a very fascinated way, maybe because he also shares the same dream, or just simply, is in love. ‘One would consider her to be an intellectual’, in this scene we see Caesar sitting in a rather relaxed but badly postured way almost as if he is floored by hearing of Cleopatra’s talents.
Furthermore, we can see...