Clean Technology in Defense Industry - Emerging Trends and Outlook


Amidst growing focus on compliance with legislation, cost savings and operational efficiency and staying ahead of technological developments, defense organizations are implementing clean technology measures such as energy efficiency in facilities, green buildings, waste management, recycling, and procurement of renewable energy to meet regulatory standards, lower environmental impact, and lower operating and maintenance expenses over the next five years. The majority of defense organizations expect very high or high impact of clean technologies on defense industry during 2016-2021 with demand for clean technologies in the defense industry exhibiting increase within North America and Western Europe during 2016-2021. Overall, 40% of executives expect budget allocation for clean technology to remain within US$500,000 during 2016-2021 with Germany and the US offering significant prospects for renewable energy and waste management investments during the next five years.

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Key Findings

- Ability to increase compliance with legislations and, enhance cost savings and operational efficiency will drive growth of clean technology during 2016-2021

- Defense organizations have either implemented or planning to implement digital and paperless products and transactions along with video conferencing for information sharing during 2016-2021

- The highest percentage of executives from large and small companies foresee increase in demand for clean technologies within North America during 2016-2021

- Budget for clean technology is projected to increase by an average of 7.5% during 2016-2021

- Defense organizations will favour clean power plan and clean air act used by governments to support clean technology

- Difficulty in integrating clean technologies with existing systems, standards and processes is the major...