Classroom Management

Management 1

Classroom Management

Stephen Lemmons

PSY 372

Mrs. Laura Prout

9 June 2011

                                  Management 2
My personal philosophy of classroom management would be simple in that it would apply a few and applications to the student that works.   The world of education is ever changing and in my opinion a great teacher needs to be able to change his or her approach to what works for every student.   My opinion of education is quite simple; the student comes to school to learn in order to prepare him or herself for something in life they have a passion for.   Schools are a tool in the world to prepare young children and adults to function properly in society.   I don’t think anyone started in school with the vision of not learning anything.   The only difference in my classroom management that makes it different from any other teacher is that I believe a truly great teacher has to have passion.   A passion for the subject is the most important passion I can think of.   A teacher cannot possibly reach a student if they themselves do not have a passion for the subject they instruct.   My personal subject that I have the most passion for is history.   I have always felt that a person cannot know where they are going until they fully understand where they have been.   History certainly provides a challenge to any teacher, in that the student is always going to be reluctant to learn something that has already happened.   That is where the passion comes in, a teacher with passion will find a way to reach any student and make the subject interesting to them.   Proponents such as John Dewey, and Charles Darwin saw reality as open ended and ever changing, and so is education.   No one perspective, theory, or philosophy applies to all students.   We as teachers have to be ever changing and have a tool box full of theories to apply to students in order to reach each and every one of them.   Passion for teaching will ensure that we...