Classroom Management

Philosophy Statement

      I believe the classroom should be a safe, challenging, and enjoyable environment that engages students with interesting, relevant, and interactive materials and discussions. I would like to get to know my students and want them to feel like they are involved in their learning process. I want them to understand that there are rules and consequences but I do not want to spend my time being a disciplinarian. I want them to understand we are all in this together and let’s learn and enjoy it together.

Classroom Arrangement

The ovals represent computers. There would be a total of twenty-five computers. The computers would be networked with classroom management software allowing me to look at students’ desktops or to share mine. The resource/handouts table would be near the door making it easy for students to grab the needed materials for that day’s lesson as they came in or turn in their homework. An overhead projector with a Smart Board would in the front center of the room. Two rows of desktops may be facing away from the front of the room unless the room was long enough to allow for five rows of table facing the front with chairs and walkways. A trash receptacle would be in the corner by the door allowing easy access without disturbing too many people.



        Students would sign the attendance sheet for the day and turn in homework in at the resource desk. They would also pick up necessary handouts for the day. They would sit down and log into their computer assigned alphabetically by name.

        Students would raise their hand to participate during a lecture. During a small group discussion to get help it would be appropriate for a student to either raise their hand or politely call my name.

      At the end of the period students would log off their computers, push their chairs in and leave the room in an orderly fashion.

        Located by the door and resource table would be a hall pass...