Class Sizes to Big

The question in this assignment is a very broad based question and it is very difficult to pin point just one problem and high light that as the critical problem.   In order to try and highlight what the critical problems are, I interviewed staff at Allen Glen School in Allensneck.   Having spent time at the school and having interviewed the teachers there, there were mixed view as to what they thought what the problem was.   Some said that they found parental involvement was almost non-existence.   Some said that the teacher support was poor as the teachers do not work together as a unit but work on their own and there is no calibration.   Deputy head of school said that he felt that the resources was and issue as its very difficult to teach when you do not have the material to teach them with.   Majority of the teachers actually felt that discipline was the biggest problem and that it’s very hard to teach when the attitude of the boys is to cause havoc and not appreciate the opportunity they have.  
I am basing my viewpoint based on what I saw at Allen Glen School. This is a government school in Allensneck.   I agreed with what the teachers had stated that they did find resources being of a limitation. I also noticed that the subject teachers were not working together but alone and doing their own thing.  
I also found that discipline was a huge issue and that maybe due to the class sizes being large.
From my time at the school, I feel that the right problem statement for this assignment is “Class sizes are too large for 1 teacher to manage”.
From my observation I found that the class size were large (approx. 35 children in a class) and the classroom size was also small so come afternoon the room was hot and smelly. This also made it hard for the children to focus.  
In a classroom size of 35 children it was very difficult for the teacher to get every child’s attention and then was someone constantly missed- behaving or pushing the limit with the...