Class Discussion

How credible is the information your department has received do not think this information can be credible because it is hearsay and the unknown witness does not really know if the individual was selling drugs maybe he cuts hair and/or do tattoos.
Is the information enough to obtain a search warrant? Why or why not? No it is not because it is hearsay and the police officer needs more then hearsay they need direct evidence and facts.
What are some investigative steps you can take to gather more intelligence on this case?The step I would take is maybe setup a sting and/or get some informants to go to the house and see if the individual sells drugs. I would setup outside the house for a couple of days and watch what goes on and see if there is any drug trafficking. I would try to gather as much evidence as possible then I would try to get a search warrant.

* In your own words, explain why you think it is important to put observations in writing?

I think it is important to put observation in writing because, you can go beyond the casual to discover something interesting and new.

* How can observation enrich our writing?

Observation can enrich our writing by taking notes and making connections among details.

* In your opinion, at what point could making an observation halt or obstruct the writing process, and why?

Well when I write my papers I try to stay focused on the topic that I chose, my voice and my argument, when writing my papers