Class 7

History – October 12th

  * Looking at war and politics and life and death!
  * Andrews and Philips/ English and French at odds.   Called Chivalry which is how the society organizes them.   When Chivalry came to politics it was about kings surrounding themselves with vassals.   Vassals were engaged in multiple things for the kings, often you would fight, and you would be rewarded by the king, usually with land.   They we mutual obligations.   Kings in this period became less able to enforce obligations in 12th and 14th century.   What became norm in early 14th century is mercenary service.
  * Both kings Andrew and Philip were both in this situation, they also differed in way they would execute the war.   In France were heavily armoured nobles and would ride into battle, knights.   Then followed them were the average soldier, infantry.   English, great nobles served like French, on horses, English also begun to use long bowman.
  * 100 year war goes for decades.   Often treaties were formed.   Unemployed people on both sides.   Chivalry truly began to suffer.   More difficult to make commands carried out.   Nobels gained more independence making Kings Authority weaker.
  * During 14th century, during war, drench economy suffered.   Trade routes began to be broken up.   Credit was more difficult to obtain.   Early part of 15th century it seemed that france was doomed.   1420 it seemed to be the case, it did not seem to be the case that chivalry could withstand.   Politically it seemed broken.   1429 the English and allies were in principality of burgundians, now held all of northern France.   Orleans.
  * Heir to French throne was man who would become Charles the 7th, but not crowned yet.   He is a child, in fact he’s 7.   Along comes Joan ofark.   She and family had suffered, and came to royal court as 17 year old girl.   She comes poor, but with a vision.   She was practically a nobody, but came with a message of hope.   She said saints told her to save Orleans and turn back...