Dear Mr. Clarkson,
I am writing to you in regards to your blog ‘I Hate Airports’ which expresses   concerns about security control within airports themselves. I don’t agree with you at all, would you really want to put your loved ones in danger? I can see clearly that you’re self-obsessed person who doesn’t give a damn about others safety and that includes your family.
Firstly, I disagree with many points that were raised throughout your blog. In many unfortunate cases we come across terrorists in which plan to kill. The idea of toughening airport security in order to stop criminals as such potentially saves many lives. Your concept of ‘ignoring terrorists’ can lead to many lives put under risk; and within these people we could lose very important professionals as well as losing money. Many people board planes in order to go on holiday possibly on their own or with families; and others may go abroad to work or migrate. Why should innocent people be put through the danger of losing their lives along with their families all because of boarding an aircraft full of strangers which wasn’t checked through by security? Surely you would agree that something like this clearly cannot be ignored. I know that trains don’t have securities but at least there aren’t many catastrophes that have happened. Also, trains are on the ground/tracks while airplanes are high up in the sky and can’t stop at any time. Trains don’t hit buildings and kill thousands of people, while in 9/11 2,996 thousand of people died, injured and some even went missing. Some families were left out with no father, sons or daughters. This is no matter of joke, if you consider this as a joke and don’t take it seriously then I consider you as a heartless self-centred person.

Another point which I picked up upon reading your blog was your inference of the deprivation of essentials such as shoes, belt, laptop, toothpaste etc. by airport security. I think that these are appropriate measures taken by security...