Clamps Market Segments and Key Trends 2016-2026

Surgical and medical instruments are the key products of the medical device industry which has been the most compelling and significant area within the healthcare industry. Clamp is a surgical device used for compressing a part or a bodily structure. Technically, clamp is an instrument with serrated jaws and locking handles which is used for gripping, joining, holding or supporting an organ, tissue or a vessel. The major function of a clam in a surgery is hemostasis and clamping tissue. The surgical and medical instruments constitutes to be the second largest sub-group of the medical device industry revealed by a market study. Over the past few years the value of medical devices has gradually increased and remains the highly competitive industry. Medical equipment has witnessed growth, affordability and overcame accessibility barriers in the recent years which led to the increase in business of global clamps market.

Globally the volume for surgeries is very large and the burden for surgical disease is spreading rapidly. There are approximately 600 million surgeries taking place and the number is exceeding annually owing to rise in demand for clamps and other surgical equipment market. Minimally invasive surgeries are becoming more and more common leading to use of advance surgical instruments. Use of surgical clamps is widely done in the areas of cardiovascular surgeries, suturing, Otorhinolaryngology, thoracic surgery, internal and rectal operations. The number of surgical procedures performed in the hospitals, medical and service providers have surged due to higher health insurance coverage and technological advances in medical equipment. The clamps market has been facing upturn as healthcare reform is driving the need for medical facilities and to improved features and functionality in medical operations to track productivity.

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