Cladestine- a Cold War Creative Writing for "After the Bomb"

Note to reader :
I acknowledge that you may gain ideas from reading my work, but i request that you not copy my work word for word. Ill be flattered if you like my writing but i would appreciate it if you like what you read that you rephrase what you like.



How can you make a banana into a compass? The young boy read from the torn paper discreetly thrown to him from his classroom neighbour. Sighing he flipped the piece over to read: Put it on the wall and whichever side has a bite is east. The child snickered softly as his Russian teacher wrote long words of Cyrillic on the gritty blackboard. With each stroke of the chalk a faint screech sounded and masked the muffled laughter from the back of the room. Shooting Erich a grin whilst tearing a piece of paper from the back of his notebook; the boy wrote back Fritzchen, why are you always speaking of our Soviet brothers? It's 'Soviet friends'. He flipped over the piece and continued with Fritz responds: "Well, you can pick your friends.”.   The boy was wary of the middle aged woman who sported a brunette nest on her pale head; he slipped the note into Erich's outstretched hand and pretended to be engaged in the language that bore no use to him.
Jakob saw from the corner of his eye the body of Erich shake with laughter. Biting the insides of his own cheeks he refrained himself from laughing too or grinning for that matter. He knew his teacher was one that despised the notion of happiness in the very serious subject and forced himself to stare at the page before him.
He had read the same line 25 times in the past minute and still could not comprehend what it was trying to tell him. It held no meaning for him and trying at school meant nothing either. Jakob knew that out of the 30 students crammed into the dark, small and impoverished classroom; only 2 or 3 would make it anywhere respectable within Our Deutsche Democratik Republik. Learning Vectors and...