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Community Corrections
Written By: Ryan McKinniss

Community corrections have a direct effect on the society in which they are practiced. Many people believe that community corrections are an effective way to elevate overcrowding of corrections facilities, there is a bigger reason we need community corrections. Community corrections are also an integral component of the prison bureau's correctional programs. Prisons in foreign countries are similar to prisons in the U.S., but they also have some differences as well. Many other countries have a different idea of imprisonment and putting it into practice. I really think all communities need to utilize the use of residential reentry centers (RRCs), as a community corrections option.
“Community Corrections” is just that correction that involves criminals within the community. The community justice system has influenced the way prisons all around the United States are being operated. Community correction is the process in which petty or less dangerous crimes are evaluated in lower or local courts, and the criminals are sentenced to actively serve within their community in some manner. This can include community service, counseling, or other forms of sanctions like halfway houses or probation. Community justice has definitely contributed to certain changes as it has evolved over time. Prisons everywhere are having the inmates participate and do services for the community, so that they can actively learn their lesson. This is mainly due to the effective manners of community justice. Also, with community justice taking care of lower level crimes, criminals who do deserve to serve jail or prison time can. Unnecessary criminals who were in prison are now serving in alternate and efficient manners, leaving needed space and money for the people who deserve to be there. The government has changed over the years; with new ways of punishment being developed to make sure crime is prevented. Criminals will never fully...