Cj Attorney Client Privilage

When describing the concept between attorney- client privileges one thinks of this as the confidential conversations between the client and their attorney. This concept lets the client talk to their attorney and disclose information that will help the attorney determine a legal defense for the client. The information that the client tells the attorney is privileged and cannot be used against them in court, which lets the client feel comfortable disclosing everything surrounding the case so that there is no surprising information that may come up during the trial that would surprise the defense attorney and possibly hurt the defenses strategies to defend their client from the charges. This is an important part of the justice system due to the client has counsel that they can confide in and trust that they have their best interest in mind, also that all conversations and information obtained from the client to their attorney is confidential and cannot be used against them in court. There are some concerns about client-attorney privilege when keeping everything confidential. Some of these concerns come in when the attorney out sources their record keeping and the leaks of information due to metadata. When out sourcing there is a chance of information that is privileged getting out to the wrong people that could hurt the client’s case such as the media or the prosecution. Metadata is the transferring of information through electronics such as fax, downloads, or e-mails that might get hacked or leave a trail, which privileged information gets out to the wrong people.