Civil War Poem

Living & Dying for Freedom in the
Civil War
Clashes between the north and south. People scream, rant, & shout.
  I watch silently while they clash, it’s for the freedom and equality for all people you and me.
Viruses of racism, power, & greed spread like a rash or school cold in the South as free blacks & runaway slaves join the North.
    I ran from my master to join a Negro regiment. I am free! , also but frightened for my left behind family, and also for the south’s cannons and bayonets that wait for any Negro like me.
Lincoln issues a decree, a political call for the south to free my family.
                War isn’t easy all around, but it’s especially hard for the south most of their   poor are fighting a rich mans war, still the confederate army scream’s more, more, more. More food, more people, and more tax a rich mans war, but a poor mans fight.
                          A lot of people die and now it’s my turn. I hope our deaths will make a difference somehow. This war has to end somehow someway and I hope today’s the day. Ill fight to get my people free even if it means those rebels will kill me.
                Ready we go marching into rebel land our things packed ready to be sent home it will be a miracle if we get home with it. Still we march home for a cause no time to cry there’s a war to be won! March, March we know only exactly what’s got to be done.