Civil Rights- 1st Person Perspective

To whom this may concern,
I am a 30 year old women living in Washington State, facing many difficulties. On a daily basis I am rejected and devalued. Whether it's focusing on my job, owning land, or my role in politics (or lack of one). These rules are starting to restrict every single choice I make, or action I take.
My female ancestors had no trouble earning their own living by becoming seamstresses, or housewives. However, some of them worked in professions available mostly to men. Back then there were a large majority of women doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers, preachers and singers. When I was born in 1920, I was born into a world of sexism. It seems as if every year I am alive, discrimination toward women increases. As of now, I am unemployed and I stay home with my children. My main job every day is to keep my home looking nice as well as keeping myself well-groomed for when my husband returns from his day at work. I am desperately trying to work in the business of medicine- it has been my dream ever since I was little. However, I am turned down immediately as soon as I walk into the building simply because I am female.
Since 1900 the law for land ownership for women has been 'as long as you are married, you have substantial control over your own property'. When I turned 19, I was sent out on my own by my mother and father. It was impossible to find a place to live since I was single and unmarried. I ended up living with family and helping out with cleaning as my way of paying "rent". I was very capable of paying for my own land because of my job as an assistant seamstress (which paid very minimally), but because of the Property Rights Law I was not allowed. Everything would have gone a lot smoother and easier if I could have been qualified to own my own land and live there freely! Future generations should not have to struggle with that ridiculous law.
When I was little I remember how once every four years when it came time to vote, my mother...