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With reference to what you have learnt about City Road, outline some differences across time and space on a street that you know.

With reference to what I have learnt about City Road, I have chosen to outline some of the differences across time and space on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow. Sauchiehall Street is one of the longest and busiest streets within Glasgow City Centre, similar to that of City road, 'The busiest road in Cardiff, over a mile long'. ('The Street', 2009, scene2). It is home to many high street stores, independent stores, restaurants, pubs and clubs. Also, Sauchiehall Street houses many local residents of several different ethnic origins. The differences across time and space on Sauchiehall Street that I will be looking at are :
The use of Sauchiehall Street during the day and during the night.

Different groups of people using facilities for different activities.

The changes on Sauchiehall Street through history.

The material infrastructures of the roads and pavements.

Sauchiehall Street is significantly different during the day as it is at night. During the day you are more than likely to find people making their way to work or having a cup of coffee in one of the coffee shops. Just like City Road. 'The women who have their coffee in Taste Buds Cafe during the day'. (Blakeley et al , 2009, p19). In the evenings, all the workers are making their way home and the young students begin to fill the street on their way to one of the clubs or pubs and visit one of the local takeaways and restaurants. This is also the case on City Road. 'Younger people visiting the takeaways at night'. (Blakeley et al. , 2009, p19). During the day the street consists of parked cars and vans or lorry’s loading merchandise into the shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs. After the morning rush hour, although the street is filled with parked cars it still seems extremely quiet. However,   at night, Sauchiehall Street...