City Road

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Drawing on what you have learned from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, outline how some benefit and some lose on a street that you know.

After studying City Road in Making Social Lives DVD and studying Learning Companion 1 I am going to look at how Whitefriargate in Hulls town centre have some groups who benefit from the street and others that lose from the street.

Whitefriargate is a small street in Hulls town centre. It has several different types of shops, these range from clothes shops, shoe shops, Pound shops and beauty shops. There are also two banks down here and a couple of sandwich shops. There are no restaurants but there are a couple of bars at the end of the street that serve food during the day.
The infrastructure of the street is fairly simple, it has a low level lying pavement with easy access to the shops and it is pedestrianized. Whitefriargate has gradual changed over the years and I have found that some of these are good changes whilst some are not so good.

In Hulls town centre it has three indoor shopping centres, the most recent St Stephens opened in 2007. Because of this shopping centre opening up I think that Whitefriargate has a whole street its self loses out because of another shopping centre. St Stephens is at the other side of the town centre to Whitefriargate and is next to the bus and train station. Because of its location and ease of access it has drawn business away from shops down Whitefriargate because people will shop where it is easiest and most convenient for them.                              
Like Colin who runs the newsagents on City Road said that the Tesco’s opening up further down the road has had a negative effect on his business (Making Social Lives on City Road, 2009, scene 3), I feel that all the different shops down Whitefriargate would of felt an negative affect when St Stephens opened because it would of drawn business away from them and to...