City Road

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I have lived in Rugby all of my life and have seen the main town centre go from a busy town with many shops from some big named retailers to a town now with mainly pubs and cafes, many small retailers have opened up and closed down shortly after due to the lack of custom leaving many shops boarded up also giving the town an unwelcome appearance. If you want to go shopping now you tend to have to go out of town. There are plans for regeneration which there are hopes to bring back trade to the town.

26/02/2015 - Submitted
Marking and remaking – The way people adapt to the changing times within society and the development of the area they live in, how different people deal with this and the effects it has on their life’s and relationships and how people pull together as a community to help and encourage other with the changing and sometimes challenging times.
People on City Road still feel slightly intimidated by the Mackintosh Centre where the wealthy family used to live which has resulted in less people being keen to use the facilities for sport, there is a pre conception that people still hold about its past and with its grand appearance about not feeling worthy or wealthy enough use the facilities, others have been working on trying to changed people’s opinions and encourage the locals to come and join the sports club.
Many different groups of people all congregate on City Road during different times of the day and night, many shopkeepers see their jobs as to not only give a service but to also help keep the community together giving residents a place to meet. The Life and Times of (The Open University, 2014a).   The street is a busy place where during the day there is a lot of traffic, different people getting to different places for different reasons. Quite a popular way of getting around the street is to walk, adjustments and systems have been put in place to protect the public from the traffic. Throughout the street you see traffic...